Waterproof Sleeping Bags: The Top 5 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018

waterproof sleeping bags the top 5 reviews and buyers guide 2018

Sleeping bags are your greatest asset while hiking, backpacking, and camping. There’s nothing worse when you set up camp than not being prepared for sleeping on a hard, cold ground in scary weather.

Whether you need a double sleeping bag, mummy bags for the kids, a stuff sack, or synthetic bags with a decent temperature rating, high-quality sleeping bags are a must for all weather conditions you’ll face. They keep you safe from a damp (or even soaking wet) ground. Getting wet can create uncomfortable, icky sleep and can leave you feeling pretty sick.

Let’s check out what qualities to look for in a sleeping bag and the top five coolest waterproof sleeping bags this year!

What Qualities to Look for in a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag Shape

The shape of your sleeping bag can be chosen by how you sleep and what’s comfortable for you.

  • Mummy is the most common sleeping bag shape. It wraps snugly around you to lessen area where cold air can penetrate.
  • The semi-rectangular bags are lightweight making these bags easy to carry. They’re great for taller people.
  • The rectangular/envelope shape are exactly as they sound. They’re shaped like a rectangle.
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    The spoon shape is shaped like an hourglass and is great for people who sleep on their sides because it gives you more room.
Outer Shell Fabric

The outer shell fabric should be weather-resistant and waterproof to protect you for outside forces while you’re sleeping.

  • Nylon is the most popular fabric to use on the outer fabric of a sleeping bag. Nylon makes for a compact and lightweight bag that’s easy to carry around if you’re hitchhiking or backpacking
  • Microfiber/polyester is the second most popular fabric used on the outer shell and a personal favorite. The microfibers make it durable and breathable. Since they’re extra durable, they’re the best at being weather-resistant.
Insulation Fabric

The insulation fabric is what will keep you warm while you get a good sleep.

  • Down is one of the best choices for sleeping bag insulation. They may contain allergens but make up for this with their warmth and how lightweight they are.
  • Cotton is another great option for insulation. They create a heavy filling for warmth but this makes them a bit heavier to carry around while hiking.
  • Synthetic fabric is the third common filling for insulation. Synthetic fabric is the best for wet weather since it doesn’t retain water the way other fabrics do. These sleeping bags run cheaper than those filled with down or cotton.

Top 5 Waterproof Sleeping Bags of 2018

farland mummy envelope lightweight waterproof sleeping bag
  • The outer shell of this sleeping bag is made of a breathable and waterproof nylon. The liner is made of polyester as well the fill material.
  • It’s a lightweight and compact design. It comes with a small portable bag to fit the sleeping bag in.
  • It’s designed for cold weather, for 20 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit. They use double filled technology to protect you from extreme weather conditions and wetness.
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    The envelope-shaped sleeping bag is sized at 29.5 inches (width) by 86.6 inches (depth).
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    The mummy-shaped sleeping bag is sized at 33.5 inches (width) by 86.6 inches (depth).
mallome lightweight waterproof sleeping bag
  • This sleeping bag is both durable and lightweight. It’s made of 100% of the highest grade of polyester. The material is soft on your skin and ensures your comfortability no matter how hard the ground is.
  • It is designed for all seasons and even extreme weather. They use double-layer technology and a weather-resistant design to keep you warm in the extreme cold and keep you dry. They use S-shaped stitches for extra protection.
  • It’s portable and comes with a compression sack with straps, making it easy to carry with you while camping or hiking.
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    It’s super easy to clean and durable enough to machine wash.
ecopro lightweight waterproof sleeping bag
  • This sleeping bag has a 100% high-quality polyester lining that’s gentle on your skin. You don’t have to worry about allergens. The outer shell is also made of high-quality polyester with strong stitches for durability.
  • It’s filled with premium TC cotton to keep you warm. The temperature range is 48 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s made to be weather-resistant and protects you from any dampness.
  • It’s compact and lightweight making it great for carrying around. It measures 83 inches (length) by 30 inches (width).
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    They are safe to machine wash because of their durability.
outstar mummy evenlope lightweight waterproof sleeping bag
  • This sleeping bag is made of high-quality fabric. The outer shell is made of polyester making it durable. The lining is made of high-density polyester and is skin friendly and hypoallergenic. It’s filled with hollow cotton for extra warmth.
  • It has a double durable zipper and double layer stitching for extra protection. The temperature range is 20 degrees to 62 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It uses double filled technology to protect you from the wind.
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    It’s easy to fold and portable. It comes with a lightweight carrier bag to carry while traveling.
ohuhu double lightweight waterproof sleeping bag
  • This is a two-person sleeping bag but uses zippers to become detachable to create two individual sleeping bags. The outer shell is made of polyester and it has a T/C lining. It has a cotton filling. It’s super comfortable making for a good nights’ sleep.
  • It’s made for temperatures ranging from 32 degrees to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s designed to be both weather- and water-resistant.
  • It’s lightweight and portable for travel. It comes with a convenient bag as well as two small pillows for neck support. It’s easy to roll up when you’re on the go.


Choosing a sleeping bag for your outdoor adventures this summer doesn’t have to be difficult. With this guide, you can decide what fabrics work best for your specific adventure and as well as what affordable brand stands out for you.

So, roll up your sleeping bag, pack away the essentials, map out your hiking journey and find a safe place to put up your tent!

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