The 5 Warmest Sleeping Bag Reviews that will bring the Heat in Cold Weather

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When summer comes to an end and fall nights get cooler and cooler, you might think that your outdoor camping adventures have to end, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right cold weather gear, you can keep your camping trips going well into the cold winter months. One of the most important things that you’ll need to stay warm is the right cold weather sleeping bags and stuff sacks. We rounded up some of the best cold weather sleeping bags we could find to help you find the right one for you to tackle extreme cold and be as warm as our feathered friends. Don’t let cold weather get in the way of your fun! Here are the 5 warmest sleeping bags to keep you warm well into the winter.

1. Tennier Industries Mummy Style Sleeping Bag

Tennier Industries is one of the leading US military contractors and this genuine US Army Modular Sleeping Systems was made for US Army soldiers in the field. You can trust the quality of this system and rest easy knowing that our men and women in uniform are using the same system. This sleeping bag has one of the best temperature ratings  and is made for extreme temperatures. Believe it or not, it’s rated up to -30 degrees of extreme cold! Included in the system are 2 mummy-style bags, a patrol bag, and a cold weather bag. Each is water resistant, non-flammable, and machine washable. There’s also a waterproof and windproof camo bivy cover.

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The mummy bags can be used individually or all 3 pieces can be combined for protection in temperatures as low as -30 degrees. What makes this system so warm? For starters, there’s a quilted chest collar that prevents air from circulating through the bag from around your face. A draft flap around the hood with a cord and barrel lock keeps heat in, too. Another cool thing is that the insulation is actually snapped into the bag so it won’t move and shift around. You’ll get consistent heat from top to bottom without any cold spots. Need some ventilation? The reversible double pull zip easily lets you vent from the top or bottom of the sleeping bag. One reason why this is such a great choice is that you can use it all year round. Yes, it is by far one of the warmest sleeping bags we found, but it will keep you just as comfortable in warmer weather, too.

2. Arctic Monsoon Mummy Bag

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This lightweight Arctic Monsoon mummy bag is a great choice if you’re venturing out in cold weather. It’s rated for as low as -13 degrees. The outer shell is durable and water-repellent which protects not only you but also the inside, which is filled with 1200g down insulation. The mummy design is snug to keep your body heat in while also allowing you to move easily. If you need more heat protection, there’s a Velcro chest strap and neck drawstring to prevent cold air from sneaking in around your face and circulating through the rest of the bag. It compresses down to around 11 inches in diameter and only weighs 3.9 pounds so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go.

3. The Body Source Mummy Sleeping Bag

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What makes this mummy sleeping bag from the Body Source so warm that you can use in temperatures as low as 15 degrees? For starters, the polyester outer shell is water resistant. Not only will it keep you dry, it also protects the inner lining. That’s important because the inside holds a double layer of insulation. It’s composed of hollow fiber layers that trap heat and keep you nice and toasty. For extra warmth, you can tighten the internal collar and drawstring as needed to keep the cold air out. One more thing, there’s also a small pouch on the inside where you can tuck small valuables, like your cell phone or keys.

4. FYLINA Sleeping Bag

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The FYLINA Sleeping Bag will keep the average person comfortable in temperatures as low as 15 degrees. It’s made from good quality materials. This is a durable sleeping bag that will stand up to your adventures in the great outdoors, particularly the outer layer which is made of ripstop polyester. The inner lining is soft and really comfortable against your skin. It even has a small interior pocket where you can stash things like a small flashlight, a cell phone, or a tablet. When it comes to staying warm, insulation is one of the most important factors. This one is filled with polyester fiber that not only holds in heat and keeps you warm it also provides a good amount of cushioning. Plus, it weighs just under 4 pounds so it’s not difficult to carry around with your gear. It comes with a compression sack and straps so you can roll it up nice and tight when it’s time to pack up and head off on to the next part of your journey.

5. TETON Sports Sleeping Bag

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If you’re looking for a sleeping bag that will last for years, the TETON Sports Sleeping Bag is a great choice. One of the best things about this sleeping bag is the lining. It’s made of poly-flannel and extremely comfortable. But don’t worry, it’s warm, too! There are two layers of stitching to make sure no cold air can sneak in. Draft tubes are also included to trap warm air inside. A mummy-style hood keeps cold air out, too, plus it makes a comfortable spot to lay your head down. The outer shell is made of durable diamond ripstop and sewn with two layers of stitching to make sure no cold air can sneak in. The zipper is unique, too. It opens from the top or bottom for easy ventilation and even allows you to connect 2 sleeping bags together so you can share your warm sleeping space. This sleeping bag is rated for temperatures as low as -25 degrees. One more thing: TETON sleeping bags come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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