TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

For the outdoor enthusiast who enjoys all kinds of weather, and the colder the better, you might have had a long and unsatisfying search for the best sleeping bag for a warm night’s sleep. Although there are plenty of sleeping bags on the market, most really don’t cut in when you’re in freezing conditions.

Traditional sleeping bags are great at covering your body, but as we now know, most of your body heat is lost through your head. To ensure a comfortable night sleep in colder conditions you’ll need a bag that can keep your head well protected. In addition to keeping your head warm, you’ll want a sleeping bag with a quality footbox to ensure that your feet stay warm and stops you from shivering all night trying to stay warm.

Tetpm Sports Tracker +5F On Ground

A new range of sleeping bags has been designed to perform in colder climates, with technologies now focusing on how to retain heat in the head and foot areas so there’s no need for a range of different products to address these needs. Rather than lugging around heavy items and multiple accessories just to be comfortable, you now have a   lightweight and compact options.

About The Product

If Teton Sports know one thing, it’s building supplies and accessories for the adventurer. Their huge selection of everything outdoors covers backpacks, sleeping bags, cots, and camp pads. With a solid reputation behind them and an exciting array of innovative products, you can be sure that you’re onto a winner with their Tracker +5F Sleeping Bag.

This sleeping bag is the traditional mummy shape and features a contoured hood to keep your head warmer than ever. The three-piece hood leaves no gaps so there’s no risk of wind chill reaching you, and with a warm head, you’ll be surprised at just how comfortable the rest of your body feels. This sleeping bag has some amazing features such as:

  • Body mapping technology which gives added insulation where you need it most, such as your feet;
  • Weighs only 4.1 pounds so is ideal for those who travel light;
  • Mummy style bag with heaps of leg room at 87 x 34”;
  • Extra features such as water resistant shell and interior pocket zips;
  • Lifetime warranty on the sleeping bag;

For those who like to travel to colder climates or just want to be protected if they’re backpacking in winter, this is the bag for you. Teton has thought of everything to keep you dry, comfortable, and warm in all the right places, and because it’s so lightweight that it suits ultralight backpackers too.

Teton Green and Red Sleeping Bag 5F Ultralight

The Benefits Of Teton Sleeping Bag

This is certainly one of the better options for a warm sleeping bag, with the survival rating being +5F there wouldn’t be an issue in this type of temperature. Many users have tested it out in different weather and agreed that the +5F claim would be accurate.

If you’re on the tall side and have been looking for a sleeping bag that won’t cramp you, you’ll be happy to know that this one is quite accommodating. Measuring at 87” tall it has enough room to stretch out and also gives you plenty of shoulder space. As far as comfort goes, it can offer this in more ways than one.

The best part about the Teton Sports Bag is the face coverage, which has huge benefits when you’re trying to stay warm. As there are no gaps for the wind to enter into you find your entire body feeling extremely comfortable and warm. This is achieved with a three piece hood that contours to your face, and is one of Teton’s most popular features.

Although advertised as being suitable for ultralight backpacking, this sleeping bag can be quite bulky in comparison. However, you need to keep in mind that most winter bags are so they can accommodate for the thickness needed to keep you warm. At 4.1 pounds you shouldn’t have too much of an issue carrying it around considering what it can give you in warmth.

Where To Buy Teton +5F Sleeping Bag

To make the change and get a warm night’s sleep on your next camping trip, you’re probably already searching for the best deal of the Teton Ultralight Sleeping Bag. Thankfully, Amazon has a current offer which lists the bag for under $80 and this includes shipping straight to your door.

Teton offers a lifetime warranty on this sleeping bag and all others in their range, which is incredibly calming to know since you’ll be depending on this one product to keep you warm and comfortable in the great outdoors. Just knowing that Teton stands behind their products like this indicates how well the product performs.

To get even more warmth out of this product, you might like to consider purchasing a sleeping pad to use with your bag. This will not only make things warmer when you’re not laying on the cold ground, but you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with this added protection.

Final Verdict

Teton Sports really have created one of the best body warming sleeping bags with this product, and it’s one of the leaders in the market currently. With their unique body mapping technology, you can survive in +5F conditions quite comfortably just from using this one simple product.

Teton Sports Tracker 5F Ultralight

Teton stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty, which further solidifies just how well constructed this sleeping bag is when compared with others on the market. To add some warmth and comfort to your next camping trip, click the “check latest prices” button below to purchase the Teton Sports Tracker +5F Ultralight Sleeping Bag today.

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