Coleman Trinidad Sleeping Bag

Coleman Sunridge 40-60 Degree Sleeping Bag

If you regularly get into the great outdoors and tend to visit places a little colder than average, you’ve likely been searching for a sleeping bag to meet all types of weather. You’ll know, though, that most sleeping bags either cater for extremely cold or extremely hot climates and it can be hard to find something in between.

Not only are these sleeping bags hard to find for all conditions, but they can sometimes be flimsy and uncomfortable to sleep in. After a long day of trekking through the wilderness, you hardly want to set up camp somewhere only to find that you can’t get a decent sleep.

The Coleman Trinidad Sleeping Bag might be just the product you’re looking for, with warm insulation to keep you at the ideal temperature in 40F weather, but the option to unzip and not lose any comfort when it’s warmer. This is one of the most comfortable sleeping bags around and will guarantee you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had in the outdoors.

About The Product

If you’ve ever been in the outdoors before or regularly enjoy a weekend hike, there’s a good chance you have at least one accessory in your backpack from Coleman. This trusted brand has been serving outdoor enthusiasts for many years with their extensive range of tents, shelters, sleeping bags, and grills, just to name a few.

Their Trinidad Sleeping bag was designed specifically for colder weather, but not for absolute freezing conditions, which makes it perfect to suit a wider range of climates. This sleeping back is packed full of features that make a huge difference to your comfort and convenience factor, including:

  • 100% polyester construction and 100% polyester fill
  • Ideal for temperatures from 40F to 60F
  • Measures 33 x 75” to fit most average heights​
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Fiberlock Construction prevents your insulation from moving
  • No-Snag zipper keeps fabric away from the zipper’s teeth to stop snags

For those who look for a little more from their sleeping bag than just something to lay down on the ground, you won’t be disappointed with the Coleman Trinidad Sleeping Bag. This bag is great for most weather conditions and is made with absolute comfort in mind for the hiker and camper who doesn’t want to give up on luxury.

Coleman Trinidad Blue Sleeping Bag

Pros And Cons 

This bag is one of the most highly rated thanks to its comfort and warming abilities, with reviewers all being extremely pleased with how cozy it was. The softness of this sleeping bag would be its biggest benefit, so if you’re someone who wants luxury when they get into the outdoors then you won’t be disappointed.

The lining is made from soft tricot which some might find unusual to the touch, but this wasn’t a problem for most of the online reviewers. However, if you find yourself sensitive to material that can be a little rough then you might look for something with a cotton interior.

This bag did a great job of keeping the user warm even in cold conditions of around 40F, and when it got a little warmer you simply have to zip it down to enjoy the comfort of the bag under you with a bit less heat. If you’re trying to fit more than one person or just want the extra room, these bags can also be zipped together for a large and luxurious bed.

Coleman Trinidad Sleeping Bag Packed

One huge downfall for this sleeping bag comes with its packaging. Although it’s easy to get out and will provide you with a comfortable sleep, trying to fit the sleeping bag back into the provided carry bag can be near impossible. For people who are on the move and like to get an early start when they’re camping, it can take a long time to pack away.

For an easier fit, you should source a separate bag for carrying this as it will take up a lot of your time trying to squeeze it in, and if you think that the soft tricot lining will be a bother then perhaps long bedclothes or another sheet to place inside will do the trick.

Buying A Coleman Trinidad Sleeping Bag

If you’ve been sold by the online reviews and want to experience comfort and coziness like never before in the outdoors, it has to be the Coleman Trinidad Sleeping Bag.

Currently, Amazon has this amazing product on sale for just over $20 which is amazing when you consider how warm and comfortable it is. The best part is when you order more than one you can get free shipping, and these bags can be easily zipped together to make something larger.

When compared to other sleeping bags, the five-year warranty might not be enough to entice some but consider how affordable the bag is and you’ll be pleased to purchase another one when the time comes due to its lost cost and high comfort factor.

To really stock up on the camping supplies, you could check out the rest of Coleman’s range which includes tents, grills, and other sleeping bags, so you can have all of your equipment from the one reliable brand. However, for the most comfortable sleep you’ll ever get in the great outdoors it has to be their Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag.

Final Thoughts

For those who don’t like to rough it in the outdoors, the Coleman Trinidad Sleeping Bag is the most comfortable sleep you can find next to bringing your bed with you on a camping trip. This sleeping bag is great for cold conditions and can even be a comfortable place to sleep on warmer nights too.

Coleman Trinidad Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

If you’re looking for luxury from your camping trips and don’t want to settle for thin and freezing sleeping bags anymore, click here to purchase the Coleman Trinidad Sleeping Bag. With this much comfort and warmth in your tent, you’ll be the envy of everyone you travel with.

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