Choosing The Best Summer Sleeping Bags For 2017: Buying Guide And Top 5 Reviews

5 Best Summer Sleeping Bags

Out of all the four seasons, there is no doubt that summer is our favorite time of the year. It is the season to let your adventurous side run free and explore the wilderness to your heart’s content. Many folks work all year round and save money for action-filled summer plans, such as beach trips, mountain hikes, trekking, and camping. When you’re out enjoying nature in the summer months it helps to have one of the best summer sleeping bags to make the experience even better.

No matter what outdoor activity/sport you choose to do, essential camping gear is always necessary such as a travel bag, first aid kit, Swiss army knife, rechargeable torch, inflatable chair, sleeping bag, etcetera. Among all the camping gear, your sleeping bag is the most important because if you are not able to catch a good night’s sleep, then your whole trip may be spoiled due to lack of rest.

There are a few features you must research thoroughly before buying a summer sleeping bag. Obviously, to make sure you get a good night sleep, you are not looking for heavy-duty mummy bag with synthetic insulation and a heavy bag liner, otherwise it will offer too much warmth.

Therefore, when considering the sleepingbag you buy, you need to think about it’s insulation type (whether it has down insulation or synthetic insulation), weight, temperature rating, outer material, size, style, comfort, etc. To save you the time, we have short-listed and reviewed for you the top five summer sleeping bags of 2017.

With more than 800 shining reviews under its belt, the Coleman Trinidad Sleeping bag is the ideal camping companion for places with warm-weather conditions. It is not only made with 100% Polyester but filled with polyester too which makes it durable and hard wearing.

Coleman Trinidad Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

Often, sleeping bags come with down insulation which is good for cold weather, but it is useless in the summer season since nobody wants to be warm while the temperature is above 86 F (30 C) at night.

Therefore, synthetically insulated sleeping bags are best for summer nights as they are airy and don’t make you sweat while sleeping; moreover, they are water-resistant.

The Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag is fit for people of all ages and sizes; it is suitable for a person as tall as six ft., plus, it is machine washable and comes with Polyester Tricot lining. Moreover, it’s Fiberlock construction prevents the insulation from shifting and maintains the shape of your sleeping bag.

Our second pick is one of the best lightweight and compact sleeping bags available on Amazon; the ECOORPO Sleeping Bag, an ideal companion for camping trips and mountain hikes. It is not just limited to adults but kids can use it as well, so now you won’t have to fret about your child’s summer camp’s sleeping arrangement.

ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

This product is versatile; if you want to catch a power nap on your camping chair then just leave this sleeping bag’s zip open and use it as a blanket.

Buying this kit also helps you in saving money because unlike other similar items the ECOOPRO sleeping bag does not need a sleeping bag liner.

The primary reason that this sleeping bag is ideal for backpacking and traveling, unlike the Coleman sleeping bag, is that this one occupies little space and folds to a small height of 7 ½ inches. Moreover, it comes with a little carrying bag which makes it easier to fit the sleeping bag in your travel backpack.

This product looks similar to the previously mentioned ECOOPRO sleeping bag, but one thing that sets the two apart is the built-in pillow case of the OutdoorsmanLab’s Sleeping Bag. What’s more, is this sleeping bag not only keeps you cozy at night but it also helps you in keeping your belongings safe with its inner pockets.

Additionally, if you are a couple going on a much-anticipated camping trip, then buy two of these sleeping bags, one for yourself and the other one for your partner and join the two by zipping them up in the middle for a perfect double sleeping bag.

OutdoorsmanLab Lightweight Sleeping Bag

If you have a habit of rolling off your sleeping pad, then OutdoorsmanLab Sleeping bag has just the solution for your problem as it comes with two elastic straps on the backside that will help you stay on your sleeping pad the entire night.

This product is ultra-light, weighs only 1.6 lb and can fit easily into your bag easily without any compression. It’s attached pillowcase can be used by filling a few clothes or a camping pillow. On top of that, the shape of the sleeping pad is rectangular which gives you the freedom to relax and move your shoulders.

4. Mountain Hardwear Lamina 45 Sleeping Bag:

This mummy-style bag is best for summer nights when the weather is moderate (i.e. not too hot or not too cold). It is a space-saving bag with easily compressible technology. The synthetic polyester material used in the making of this product saves the sleeping bag from getting torn on camping and hiking trips.

If you to sleep on your back, then you must get this bag with its efficient mummy cut of which provides you warmth without constriction. Plus, it has a tailored hood and a face gasket that makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a comfy cocoon.

The Mountain Hardwear Lamina 45 is one of the lightest sleeping bags, weighing only 710 grams. Due to it soft polyester lining this sleeping bag stays moisture free, and the lightweight nylon material makes it water-repellent so that the sleeping bag won’t get wet on the moist ground.

5. Wenzel Summer Camp Sleeping Bag:

Let’s not forget our little ones while assessing camping gear options. Make you kid’s summer camp experience worth-while and comfortable by buying them a Wenzel sleeping bag.

This high-quality easy-to-use product is an ideal choice for young campers. It is spacious and an adult (up to a height of 5’5) can use it too.

The material is washing machine friendly and looks fresh after every wash with zero loose threads or zipper snags.

Wenzel Summer Camp Sleeping Bag

The smooth fabric keeps it clean meaning whenever you accidentally spills crumb or your drink it all slides right off the sleeping bag. Adding to its versatility, the sleeping bag can be used as a makeshift blanket by pulling the zipper and spreading it open. Hence, the Wenzel sleeping bag is one of the best choices for a perfect summer sleeping bag.

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