Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag

If you enjoy the outdoors and like to get amongst the wilderness even in near freezing conditions, you’ll know just how important it is to have a sleeping bag and tent that can keep you warm and dry. The problem with many sleeping bags these days, though, is they can offer you either warmth or compactness, and rarely both at the same time.

When you’re traveling for days on end and in tough conditions, you don’t want to carry anything around that’s too heavy. At the same time, though, the essentials such as your sleeping bag need to provide you with enough protection and comfort so that you can get a decent sleep and regain your energy.

Abco Tech has developed a sleeping bag that meets all of this criteria, with their Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag.

Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag Material

This bag offers protection against extremely cold weather, but is suitable for all seasons, and is so lightweight and compact that it can fold up without taking much space at all. If you’ve been searching for a middle ground product to keep you warm and comfortable without the bulk, this is the product for you.

About The Product 

Abco Tech is known for creating a whole range of products designed to make life more comfortable and convenient, and their lightweight sleeping bag can offer exactly that. This ultra-comfortable sleeping bag has been designed to keep you warm in near freezing temperatures, with a rating of 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

On top of its warming abilities, this sleeping bag is packed full of other features that are extremely important to anyone who gets out into the wilderness and knows what they need to stay comfortable and warm.

  • Sleeping bag stores away in a compression sack with straps so it won’t take up any room for your essentials;
  • Made from polyester with a soft polyester lining that’s sensitive to your skin;
  • Able to keep you warm in temperatures of 20 degrees and above, but cool enough for other seasons too;
  • Waterproof and weather resistant to keep you safe in all conditions;​
  • Machine washable and convenient to maintain;
  • Weight of entire bag and carry case is just 3 pounds;

This sleeping bag would suit the serious camper who gets out every weekend, or a first-timer looking for something warm and comfortable to take on their first hike, and because it suits all kinds of weather you have more freedom as to where you travel.

If you want a lightweight bag that will allow you to get a decent sleep, the Abco Tech Envelope Sleeping Bag can meet all of your requirements.

Abco Tech Envelope Highest Quality Sleeping Bag

Pros And Cons 

Although Abco Tech isn’t really a name you think of when you imagine the best camping gear, but this sleeping bag has proven otherwise. It’s extremely soft and great for all seasons, but the colder months are where it shines.

The temperature ratings can differ on these bags as we all experience heat and cold in different ways, but most people will be satisfied with the 20F rating on this.

This sleeping bag comes with a compression carry sack which can be extremely helpful provided you can fit the bag back into the sack. Some online reviews indicated how tough this was to achieve, so if you like something quite and effective you might want to look elsewhere. Once in, though, the compression made it easy to carry and without adding any extra bulk.

Another huge plus with this sleeping bag is its water and weather resistant qualities, which can be hard to find one similar bags. Usually, you’re given either insulation or water resistance, so it’s great to know there are affordable products out there that can offer both.

Abco Waterproof Sleeping bag

If you like a little more comfort when you’re camping, you’ll be pleased to feel just how cozy the Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag is.

This is for the luxury campers among us but because it’s lightweight you can even use it if you like to travel without much in your pack. The comfort of this one product means you don’t have to pack extra sheets or padding as this will do the trick.

Buying A Abco Sleeping Bag

If you’re looking to update your camping gear and want to start with a new and comfortable sleeping bag, you really can’t go past the value for money that the Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag offers. Amazon currently has this bag listed for around $35 for the single size, with free shipping straight to your door.

Abco Tech has an extra special offer for those who want to purchase multiple bags, with discounts for every additional product you purchase.

Whether you want a backup bag for yourself or are purchasing new sleeping gear for the entire family, this is the cheapest way to do it. Buy two or more and you’ll get 5% off, and for bulk orders of ten or more, you’ll saving a huge 20% off the full price.

For those who like the protection of a warranty, Abco Tech doesn’t actually list one. If you like to have peace of mind behind the products you purchase then you may want to consider one of the more reputable brands. However, if the reviews are anything to go by then the quality of this sleeping bag will speak for itself.

Final Thoughts

It can sometimes be hard to find a product that offers warmth, weather resistant qualities, and comfort all in one, but the Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag has managed to pull it off. This can keep you warm in all seasons, and it’s extremely luxurious to lay on even for a sleeping bag.

Sleeping Bag Abco Waterproof For 4 Season Traveling

If you’re ready to add some serious comfort to your camping gear and want to stay warm and cozy in all kinds of weather, click here to purchase the Abco Tech Envelope Lightweight Sleeping Bag today. You certainly won’t be disappointed at all you’re able to get for this one low price.

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